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Gunner 2 - Unlimited Firing Zone

Gunner 2 is 94% Pure Action 3D Shooting Gamethat has 3 episodes Episode1 has old-fashioned crafts
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Warlok Studio
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12 March 2010

Editor's review

First person and third person shooter games are integral part of action/adventure games and forms the backbone of this particular gaming genre. There are many famous titles in this gaming segment which has managed to draw a lot of eyeballs and in recent years and most of them also happen to be bestsellers across all segments. Although a few famous titles get a lot of media attention and are able to surpass all sales record, there are certain games which are equally interesting to play and in some cases even exceed expectations but are still not popular. Gunner 2 – Unlimited Firing Zone 2.25 is an action/adventure game which has the capability to compete with the big titles and can exceed expectations from gamers.

Gunner 2 – Unlimited Firing Zone is an adrenaline driven first person shooter game from Warlock Studio which supports full 3D graphics giving it a unique killer look to compete with the top titles. This game includes three different episodes: The first episode is set during World War II where you got to deal with enemies using old fashioned weapons; the second episode is set in modern day where you get to use all modern weaponry, the third episode is more futuristic in its setting where you have to deal with invading UFOs with plasma weapons. You must be thinking is this the only difference between this game and other major titles. Well to be honest this game is much more than your traditional action/adventure game as it does not involve foot-to-foot combat. The main objective of this game is to shoot down high flying and fast moving enemy aircraft to ground. Shooting a moving aircraft is often more difficult than killing human opponents and is therefore harder than traditional shooter games. The game includes 9 different weapons and 19 different enemy aircraft that you are supposed to shoot down.

To conclude, Gunner 2 – Unlimited Firing Zone 2.25 is one of the best shooter games as it deviates from traditional action/adventure game, giving the user a completely different experience. With its unique gameplay, graphics, and sound effect this game deserves a rating of 4 stars.

Publisher's description

Gunner 2 may be a household name for you or a complete enigma. It all depends on whether you are a hardcore fan of indie-produced 3D shooters. If you are looking for an original non-mainstream 3D shooter software, Warlock Studio is your game developer and Gunner2 is your primary source of adrenaline pumped action.
Good old motto "Kill 'em all" is probably the best way to precisely describe the game's purpose. The game is divided into tree different episodes - World War II style Episode I one, with old fashioned crafts and weapons, Episode II with modern crafts and weapons, and futuristic Episode III with UFOs and plasma weapons.
Now, here is the surprise - all your targets are up in the air. A demanding player like you already got bored with "walk and shoot" games, which are becoming clones of each other. A demanding player like you always wanted something that is worth your time. You asked for a challenged and you got it.
Anti-aircraft forces were traditionally considered to be elite. To shoot down high-flying fast moving aircraft is quite a bit more difficult than to kill human opponents. Now is the time to choose whether you are good enough to be only some unknown solder among the millions of infantry troopers, or you think that you deserve a better career.
The game features 9 different types of weapons, 19 enemy crafts, great graphics, studio quality sound effects, addictive gameplay, and adrenaline rush action. Staying faithful to indie-gaming traditions, Warlock Studio distributes Gunner2 on a try-before-you-buy basis. It means that you never pay up front, you get substantial trial period to play the game and buy it only when you are absolutely satisfied. Your copy is waiting for you right HERE. Download the game now and show what you are good for.
Oh, by the way, there are 5 bonus levels in the Xmas Mission Pack.
And now the new version supports force feedback effects for joysticks. Get your copy now!
Gunner 2 - Unlimited Firing Zone
Gunner 2 - Unlimited Firing Zone
Version 2.25
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